Monday, April 15, 2013

Here is a question I was just asked today. I told the person I was speaking with that I would ask the experts!
We in Bay District are most likely NOT going to purchase a test platform, but instead wait for the state to deliver what they have indicated we will have access to use by 2014-2015. As  districts are planning for the test implementation of 2014-2015, what other expenses are you anticipating or considering as you determine your budget needs?


  1. Scanners. We are budgeting for scanners for all the paper-based assessments we will be administering.

  2. Because the state platform won't support courses like Chinese, we are looking at purchasing a supplemental platform that we know supports non-Roman characters (the Eduphoria platform does this).
    We are also looking at purchasing scanners, since Pearson is saying that by Spring 2014, the platform will won't be able to support computer-based testing.