Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Getting Started

After the latest CFAC Meeting, Heather and I discussed how many questions go unanswered, and how many more discussions we could have, given more time together. Fact gathering and hearing how other districts are meeting the challenges of SB 736 and the Student Success Act are beneficial to us all. 

I'll get the ball rolling with a burning question I have:

How are your districts handling Adult Education courses? Industry certifications for CTE courses are available for some courses and the focus is on high school students in these courses. Are other districts approaching the assessments for adult learners in the same manner?


  1. Unfortunately Volusia gave the adult education program to the local community college several years ago, we don't have any jurisdiction over these courses.

  2. We revisited this issue with our CTE director and her contacts in Tallahassee. SB 736 only applies to K-12 education, so we are not going to be pursuing any testing in our adult education programs.

  3. Margaret, Polk is not working on adult school coures, except the the HS courses that are taught at the adult school. Those will be given the same exams as their regular HS counterparts are given.

  4. In Sarasota, I don't believe we are going to address adult ed courses, unless they are taught in high schools as dual enrollment courses and the like. We had a couple internal conversations about how to deal with DE, but no decisions yet, as far as I know.